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«Flew over the fence and fell into the ditch». Why it is important keeping up to regulations and norms of safety at the Tour of Almaty-2019

29 August

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«Flew over the fence and fell into the ditch». Why it is important keeping up to regulations and norms of safety at the Tour of Almaty-2019

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During the days of the race, the Department of Internal Affairs of the southern capital will carry on the power assistance for the safety of participants and guests of the Tour of Almaty-2019. Police officers will guard over the distance of two stages. According to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), provision of riders’ security is a priority task.

World practice shows that such measures are necessary to avoid the fall of riders and their collisions with the audience.

Unfortunately, there are some situations in bicycle racing when the sporting audience became the reason for the fall and injuries of the riders.

This June, Miguel Angel Lopez, the Colombian cyclist, the captain of Astana Pro Team, suffered from the sports fan who beat the rider down at the 20th stage of the Giro d'Italia. The fan stepped on the track and disrupted him from climbing several kilometers to the finish line. As a result, the Colombian rider fell off the bicycle and fell behind the pace of the peloton.

At the Vuelta-2017, Maxim Belkov, a racer of Katusha-Alpecin team, nearly suffered serious injuries - someone pushed him off a bicycle, after which the racer flew over the fence and fell into the ditch.  And these are just a few of the latest examples when the audience disrupts the riders.

Of course, not all incidents happen due to a fault of impious fans who try to make a beautiful picture or disrupt the rider. Some people just negligent in the safety rules. And with it, the average speed of riders on the road stage of the Tour of Almaty-2019 will be more than 50 kilometers per hour. On the second day, the participants will go a little slower at the finish stage to Medeu. Taking into account the steep gradient of the mountain climb, it is necessary to understand that it's the last kilometers of the stage and the riders will ride with the last ounce of strength and having no time to notice the extraneous activity on their way.

The Tour of Almaty-2019 organizers refer to residents and guests of the city with a request to be careful during the race, not to ignore the requests and instructions of the police and to comply with safety rules to not risk their lives and the lives of cyclists.

It will be recalled that the Tour of Almaty is one of the largest and most significant international sports competitions in Kazakhstan and the largest race in Central Asia. This season will be held for the seventh time. The stage race will take place on August 30 and 31.